Motema Ministries is all about sharing Christ’s story in word and in deed. Our work is not about charity, but about serving and learning from those we serve. By joining the Motema 200, you make a commitment to support in the gospel in action.

What is the Motema 200? It is our newest campaign to find 200 people willing to donate $10 a month to serve underserved communities in the Congo. Your donation provides training, mentorship, and support to students in Congo learning to sew, and pretty soon, acquiring killer computer skills.

How do you join? It’s easy. Choose a donation amount, enter your e-mail address, and click on the subscribe button below. You can cancel your donation at anytime by logging into PayPal or calling the nice folks at PayPal directly. Can’t top that.

Change happens in the little choices we make. Join the Motema 200, and be a part of change in the Congo.

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